Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Missionary For Ireland

Happy Saint Patricks Day!
This was a man that was a British missionary and bishop who
was used to convert  Ireland to Christianity.
He is the patron saint of Ireland.
It is sweet to see the little girl dressed up and
celebrating this special day of recognition,
for this missionary and Ireland.
Do we make idols of these Saints?
But, give honor to those who have gone before us.
Shamrocks and green in color!
Cabbage and new potatoes!
Corn Beef
It is funny how we make  up these little
Some have very significant meanings, and others are
just traditions.
Enjoy a bit of the Irish!
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  1. I'm still enjoying my Corned Beef and Potatoes; I'm sure I have a little Irish in me and I don't mind enjoying it every year when the Corned Beef and Cabbage goes on sale. And I agree about giving honor to whom it is due.
    Love Ya


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