Monday, March 11, 2013

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Writing The Scriptures
I love to write and to journal!
 I have been keeping a journal most of my life.
 There is just a very comforting and fulfilling peace that I get when I journal.
It is like I pour out and record all the things that I felt,
or accomplished through a given day.
I am amazed on how it allows me to release and to meditate,
on what God is showing me.
One day, maybe it will be words to comfort and challenge my
Children or grandchildren.
It is my life story;
But it is HIS life living in me!
When God shows you something in His word or in a life lesson,
it is wise to write it down.
I have always written the scriptures that spoke to me in any
given day, as I read and studied them.
When I found this tool called;
The 17:18 Series
I was very interested in it, so I checked it out!
It is so very amazing because it allows you to write out the
Word in a lovely keepsake journal.
I recommend it to anyone who loves to write out the Scriptures!
Be a scribe of the Word!

You can order these books called Journibles on Google

Blessings, Roxy

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  1. I also love to write and journal. I have a huge box in my closet full of spiral notebooks that I've filled over the years. It's interesting to go back and read over things I'd written in the past. To see how God worked out situations that to me felt impossible...This helps me deal with whatever is going on today in my life.


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