Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blurred Lines Or Distinction

A Lady In The Making
Dear Ones,
   I would like to share with you a sweet word the Lord spoke to me awhile back. It was in the very early morning, when I was going out to do some morning chores. It was freezing out and I was fully bundled up in old work clothes.  A old work jacket, hat and gloves.  To say the least I looked rather rough and very manly in style.  As I walked across our land to feed the chickens and such, I heard Him say to me (daughter I want you to dress feminine.)
   Now, I know my Fathers voice and I know He was not talking about how I was dressed doing my chores. He was referring to dressing for Him each day! Not your normal daily garb!
So, it has been a sweet journey to ask Him each day to dress me. As I prayed and asked Him about this word, I realized that I wore pants almost everyday. Now there was no balance in my wardrobe at all.  For almost ten years I wore nothing but jumpers and skirts. And when I felt a release to wear pants again, I stopped wearing skirts and jumpers all together. See the extreme!
   As I prayed I had this picture in my head of men wearing dresses, Wow ,I had it!
Men have pierced ears and wear tight jeans etc. But you usually do not see them wearing a dress.
He has said I am a God of distinction! The lines have been blurred for a very long time.
When you cannot tell whether someone is a man or a woman then the lines have been blurred.
   Grace, He extends to us, and we all know it says God looks upon the heart, not the outer appearance.  But, should we all look the same?
 If your heart is not in a ready state, the outer matters not one whip.
 But, please inquire of the Lord if you please Him in your wardrobe!
   No, condemnation to any sister, as I have been in both places! 
 Yet, I can say He is wooing me to a closer and deeper walk.
 To dress with a distinction that I am a woman and will be a representative of
 His creation. And yes, I will still wear pants when it's appropriate and timely.
   This world is becoming darker and cold, may we dear women be the soft and sweet in vision.
For God desired and created women to buffet the cold and changing landscape.
   Even this picture of this sweet little girl knew she was to be a little lady!
Blessings, Roxy

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  1. I know this is an old post...but this is what happened to me as well.
    Conviction to wear dresses and skirts...grow my hair.That was 5 years ago. The phrase, " blurred lines" has also been what I have thought!
    Even more so now(2017).
    God bless


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