Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Treasure Hunt

Real Treasures

Do you love a good find?
 Sometimes it is at a garage sale or a thrift shop.
  But my most precious finds have been in the quiet mornings in my special place. 
I love the Word Of God!

A treasure hunt in the Word:
 Open the Bible, do it with purpose and great expectation.
  Become a student of the word. Become consumed by God and His word.
  Expect Him to speak to you!
  It's a treasure hunt and you will always find a jewel.
  It will be worth more then silver or gold.
  Now when you find this treasure for the day, ponder it in your heart.
  Meditate upon it, think about it through your day.
  This is where the Word becomes alive and active as a two edged sword!


  1. I love your post Roxy!
    I am so happy you get your two grand babies right next to you!

    I love your treasure post! You and mom both posted about Treasure! You two are so alike :)

    P.S. I laughed so hard when you said you commented yourself! I loved your " What the Heck" Ha ha ha

  2. TIME for another update missy :)

  3. My God is awesome to show us the treasures in His Word and Grace us with ability to walk it.

  4. last post was from GB not Julie- fyi Roxy


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