Monday, March 18, 2013

Cooking Matters...

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Some things will never go out of style!
A lovely black dress.
A precious set of pearls.
An engagement ring.
Some things are timeless.

As we have all seen certain fads come and go, but
There are just certain things we must hang on to!
Cooking skills are one of those things!!
We have a generation that does not know how to cook...
Who is to blame?
I will not be a part of the problem by pointing fingers,
But I rather choose to make foods so appealing,
and whole and delicious, that others will long to cook!

The aroma that can fill a home can leave a lasting legacy alone.
A soup, so comforting it fills the empty soul.
A potato so humble, yet so real.
A cookie so sweet it says I love you.
We can make our kitchens the heart of the HOME!

Inspire Yourself:
Go to the library and bring home a load of cookbooks!
Watch a cooking show.
Ask for the recipe of a friends special dish.
Host to some young ladies over for a brunch.
Inspire and teach our young cooks in the making.
Cooking Matters!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog


  1. I love this! I left home without knowing how to cook anything... Over the years I have learned lots from capable friends and cookery books, now I think cooking is one of my strengths and I just love feeding people. I have taught my three children to cook, they enjoy cooking for friends and experimenting with various ingredients - they haven't flown the nest yet but when the time comes they will be equipped in the kitchen!

  2. I entered marriage not knowing how to cook anything but it soon came. Great challenge.

  3. I'm another who left home not knowing how to cook - apart from a few basic recipes/techniques taught at girl guides. I could make cupcakes but had no idea how to cook a roast! My mother relied almost entirely on convenience foods which was very much the norm in England - the power of advertising perhaps? Still not sure why she never baked or cooked from scratch. I had to teach myself but I was very grateful to a television cook who had a weekly show. Her recipes were simple to follow and she explained everything. I still use her recipes today. I determined that my children would not miss out on cooking lessons in the home and as soon as they can stand on a chair they are at the kitchen island. My 3 year old son loves to stir ingredients and lick spoons of course but he also likes to watch me cook - he even told me that the other day. It's something I really did miss out on as a child which is why I try and bake something every day so that the memories of home are long lasting seeing that food and the sense of smell bring back memories so easily. Having said that my oven is not working at the moment and I'm waiting on the electrician to come and fix it - I'm lost without it! Pancakes are fine but nothing beats the smell of baking bread in a home. Yes, I definitely agree - cooking matters!

  4. There are so many who do not know how to cook. I am trying to teach my girls. Although they have some guy friends who can cook better then they can lol They have to cook at least once a week.I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award you can check it out at

  5. I think we have gotten so busy in this day and age that falling back on convenience food has been the way to cope... then all of a sudden nobody knows how to cook. It takes a whole shift in our habits to think about cooking every meal, but once you have formed it, it doesn't seem that hard at all. My Mom was a good cook, and Steve's Mom too, and that was inspiring. Also, enjoying food instils a delight in cooking it I think. Our family enjoyed food, and hospitality formed around that, and learning to cook went with it.

  6. I see a resurgence of women who are learning the joys of a homecooked meal and the joys of preparing it in the blogs I read. That is a good thing!

  7. I learned to cook because my mom worked. If we wanted to eat before 7 p.m., I had to help.

    Harvest Lane Cottage


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